Facilities Enhancement Projects

Dive Trip to Key Largo, FL   Sep 24-29th 2018 

Dollar Need is $31,000
Transportation expenses for soldiers, and their families, meals, equipment rental, and materials.

Handicapped Accessible Bathroom / Changing Area
Dollar Need is $17,000
Provide a private roll in shower stall with a flip down seat and handrails, a handicapped accessible toilet and sink with handrails, a space for changing, seating and lockers for storage while students are training in the pool.

Dome Facility to enclose pool for year-round access and Heater
Dollar need is $27,000
Glass enclosure encompassing the pool and attaching to the main facility wall, providing year-round usage of the pool and protection from the elements.  The heater will be used to maintain a safer and more comfortable air temperature in the cooler months. 

Wheelchair Lift
Dollar need is $5,000
This will be used to lower and lift mobility impaired individuals safely into and out of the pool.  This will assist in a more dignified entry and exit of the pool.

Threshold Ramps
Dollar need is $500
This will be used to allow wheelchair bound individuals to safely enter and exit the existing doorways throughout the facility.

Scholarships for Disabled Individuals
The dollar need for each individual will vary depending on the disability and number of training personnel and varying equipment needs. 

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